Name Our Tunnel Boring Machine

Come back on August 7 to vote for your favorite tunnel boring machine name!

We have received more than 700 submissions to name the tunnel boring machine. Come back on August 7 to vote for your favorite.

Terms and Conditions

· Contest is open to residents of the state of Georgia.
· Name submissions for tunnel boring machine must be submitted by midnight EST on July 31, 2016.
· Top 3 name submissions will be selected and announced by August 5, 2016.
· Final name will be selected and announced at Tunnel Boring Launch event in Fall 2016. The individual who submitted the selected name submission will have the option of participating in tunnel boring launch and christening event.
· The Department of Watershed Management (DWM) maintains the right to evaluate, and if deemed necessary eliminate, each submission before allowing it to be considered among other entries. Entries including harsh, vulgar, or racial language, inappropriate or anything deemed offensive, at DWM’s sole discretion, will automatically be denied.
· All entries become the property of DWM, and DWM reserves the right to use any and all information related to the contest for editorial, marketing and any other purpose, unless prohibited by law.
· Recipient agrees to participate in news stories, television coverage, radio coverage, and all other types of media that cover the naming contest including follow-up stories past initial news coverage. DWM is not obligated to involve the Recipient in any related media coverage.

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