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Atlanta’s Water Future is Secure

The $320 million project is complete, and we have increased our three-day water supply to have a minimum of 30 days. This ensures that our residents and businesses have access to clean, safe drinking water for the next 100 years.

Mayor Shirley Clarke Franklin

Pumping Station and Reservoir Dedication Ceremony

Pumping Station And Reservoir Dedication Ceremony


Water Supply Program Safety Notice

Experience the MOVEMENT

Bellwood Quarry Reservoir Journey
Water Supply Program Tour 2D

Project Update - Shirley Clarke Franklin Pumping Station and Reservoir formally known as the Water Supply Program: Quarry/Chattahoochee/Hemphill.

Update: The construction of the Water Supply Program was completed in December 2020. On December 19, 2022 the facility was renamed the Shirley Clarke Franklin Pumping Station and Reservoir.

The Water Supply Program will increase Atlanta’s reserve water supply from three days to potentially up to 90 days. The $320 million investment includes the construction of a five-mile tunnel connecting the Chattahoochee River, the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant, and the former Bellwood Quarry, which will be transformed into a 2.4 billion-gallon water reservoir. The Water Supply Program is currently scheduled for completion in December 31, 2020.

Completion Date: Completed Winter 2020

Project Location: Northwest Atlanta

Council District(s): 3, 9

Neighborhood Planning Unit(s): C, D, G, J, K